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About Sarali

Sarali, a self-taught photographer, discovered her passion for photography and gradually immersed herself in the art, eventually producing images that vividly express her unique perspective and emotions as both a photographer and an artist. This passion was ignited in her homeland of Brazil during her time as a contributor for "Revista Raça Brasil," a significant Brazilian magazine dedicated to Afro-descendant communities. It was within the pages of this magazine that Sarali uncovered the power of storytelling, recognizing its potential to provoke change through imagery. Her encounters with inspiring stories of resilience and triumph marked a turning point, solidifying her decision to dive headfirst into the world of photography.

Originally from Brazil and now a resident of the Netherlands, Sarali undertakes projects of national and international relevance. With a portfolio of publications in various magazines and successful exhibitions, she has refined her skills in portrait photography and editorial projects.

Her journey has been one of exploration, embracing a variety of styles that have collectively contributed to her versatile and eclectic approach to photography. This distinctive style allows her to capture a wide range of emotions and visual narratives.






Sarali's artistic achievements have garnered notable recognition:

  • Winner of the Public's Choice Award in the "Make-up photo" category in the Netherlands in 2016 and 2019.

  • Honored as one of the Top 50 international Portrait

  • Photographers by Inspirations Photographers in 2021 and 2022.

Her work has also been recognized in esteemed publications, including Vanity Fair Italy, Vogue Arabia, British Vogue, Tatler, Linda magazine from the Netherlands, Arte Magazine from Germany, and Raça Brasil, among others. These include some of her first collaborations. Sarali's talents have also led to collaborations with esteemed partners such as Beyoncé's makeup artist (Sir John), Fuji Film, Dutch Beauty Academy, Vlisco, Amsterdam and Rotterdam Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Vlisco Fashion, and her list of clients and collaborators continues to expand.

Sarali's evocative work has been featured in renowned exhibitions, including the Unity photographic project in Milan with "Etnia Brasileira" and Fundação Fundo de Quintal in Rotterdam, Lost & Found in Rotterdam, and the Rebirth exhibition created in collaboration with the talented Syrian dancer Ahmad Joudeh and Daniel Robert from the Dutch National Opera Ballet at the Martinikerk in Groningen.

Through her lens, Sarali continues to weave captivating narratives, and since 2017, she has been curating her collection and crafting new stories to compose her first official photography book with the goal of launching it. She aims to evoke emotions and establish connections that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, solidifying her position as a distinguished photographer and artist.


Social media: @saraliof

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